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Get Quoject. Get It Done.


About Quoject

Quoject is a powerful online portal that brings together business owners and property managers with service providers and skilled tradespeople to get property and commercial projects completed quickly and thoroughly.

The Quoject team is headed by Annabel Vassella, a skilled entrepreneur and business strategist who has built several highly successful businesses and worked for almost a decade in the property sector.

From our years of experience in property management and commercial business environments we know the pain of managing complex projects and keeping properties and business premises in good shape. We’ve experienced the frustration of trying to find skilled, reliable service providers, the agony of miscommunication, and the hours of wasted time chasing up progress reports and acting as go-between.

We knew there had to be a better, easier and much faster way to manage projects – so we built one. Quoject has been expertly designed to solve all the problems faced by commercial businesses, while helping skilled service providers to find great clients, grow their businesses and build their reputations.

Matching the right people to the right job, streamlining the quoting and selection process and bringing instructions, plans, invoices and conversations together in one place where everyone can see them, we’ve created Quoject to save time and money and get the job done.

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